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To Worship

At NHCC it is our greatest desire to instill in our church family an understanding that worship is an action we participate in and not a weekly event we attend. Our goal is to make worship a daily practice that we all engage in through prayer, devotion, Bible study, etc. In short, we recognize that whatever we might do that brings attention and glory to God is our reasonable act of worship.

In fact, we encourage our church family to pray for such opportunities to honor God with their lives--worshiping Him at work, school, with neighbors or in whatever circumstances we may find ourselves during the week.

Sunday mornings then become less the time we stop from our busy lives to set aside the time to worship, but rather they become more about His body, the Church, coming together to collectively celebrate and continue the worship that has gone on in their lives throughout the week. It is a chance for us to share fellowship and encouragement, struggles and burdens together before heading back out into the world to honor and worship Him all over again!

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