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Resurrection Sunday Invitation Toolkit

Resurrection Sunday is just around the corner! We are so excited to have two different events for you to attend this year. To help invite others, we have put together some ideas on how you can invite your friends and family to join us as we honor and worship our Savior.

Easter - Basic.png
Easter - Invited.png


We have printed invitations for you to pass out. They will be available to pick up on Sunday mornings before and after our worship. Please feel free to grab a few to pass out to neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc.


Download the above image or the individual event images below to share on your social profiles. Add a caption and tag your friends. Include the time of worship and ask them to meet you there.  Be sure to follow up with them afterwards to hear about their experience.


Mobile device:

  • Tap and hold the image and select ‘Download’ or 'Save to Photos'

  • Find the image on your device and ‘Share’ it through text or email



  • Right-click the image and select ‘Save Image As’ to save to your files

  • Open your social network in your web browser

  • Locate the image in your personal files and add the image to your social post



Use these text templates below to invite your friends and family by email or text. Copy and paste into your phone or computer for easy sharing. Of course, they can also edited/adjusted to invite someone to the Good Friday Worship time as well.

Text Option 1

Hey! I’ve been thinking of you and miss seeing you at ____________________. I want to invite you to join me for New Horizon Christian Church’s Easter Sunday Worship. I’m attending the 10:00am, would you like to join me? I have been so encouraged by staying connected to community in this way, and I hope it can be the same for you.


Text Option 2

Easter with New Horizons Christian Church is coming! Check out more about the church at Let me know if you’re interested in attending with me on Easter Sunday at 10:00am. I’d love for you to join me!


Text Option 3

You and your family have been in my prayers this week! I hope that you are feeling God’s peace during this time. I also want to invite you to Easter at New Horizons Christian Church! Let me know if you would be interested in attending the 10:00am worship with me!



I have been praying for you this week! I miss seeing you at (where you know them from) and hope that you are staying safe and encouraged!


I want to invite you to Easter at New Horizons Christian Church. My family and I will be attending the worship at 10:00am and would love for you to join us. Let me know if that works for you, or if there’s another time we can attend together then that would be great too.


Thinking of you and hope to see you soon!


All My Best,

[Your Name]

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